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The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) today released the first-ever ranking of governors, the 2020 Laffer-ALEC Economic Freedom Report. The scorecard ranks America’s 50 governors based on performance and results of policies, as well as executive leadership before and after the start of the COVID-19 health crisis. Governor Reeves receives 3 out of 5 stars and ranks 29th overall. Governor Reeves’ mission to lead Mississippi to a more favorable business climate will help continue the state’s recent job growth.

“State leaders implement policies and respond to crises in radically different ways,” said Reagan economist Dr. Arthur B. Laffer. “At such a critical decision point, voters need factual and unbiased data to judge and hold their leaders to account. The hard data voters need is all about the economy, and it’s all in that ranking. “

Each governor is assigned an overall rank, outcome rank, and policy rank, which is expanded to list the exact criteria used so that readers can clearly identify how their head of state ranks and why. Governors and taxpayers can also use the criteria to determine which state policy areas need improvement, such as fiscal and spending policy, the management of federal funds from the CARES Act, and economic competitiveness data. The 20 variables used to rank governors provide readers, voters and taxpayers with objective analysis so they can form an informed opinion.

This ranking shows that well-managed states and budgets have significantly helped states like Texas, Georgia, and South Dakota.

“No state budget is run like any other, but it’s because of the diverse needs of our states,” said Donna Arduin, former budget manager of Michigan, New York, Florida, from California, Illinois and Alaska. “This is why objective and non-partisan data is essential for comparing the performance of heads of state, constructed and supported by empirical criteria. Anyone should be able to see how their governor has led at all levels without bias or an agenda, and the methodology in this dashboard was designed to do just that.

The top ten and last ten governors for 2020 are:

First ten last ten

1. Greg Abbott, Texas 41. Tom Wolf, Pennsylvania
2. Brian Kemp, GA 42. John Bel Edwards, LA
3. Kristi Noem, SD 43. Michelle Lujan Grisham, New Mexico
4. Pete Ricketts, NE 44. JB Pritzker, IL
5. Gary Herbert, UT 45. David Ige, HI
6. Ron DeSantis, Florida 46. Gretchen Whitmer, MI
7. Bill Lee, TN 47. Jim Justice, West Virginia
8. Eric Holcomb, IN 48. Phil Murphy, NJ
9. Jared Polis, CO 49. Mike Dunleavy, AK
10. Chris Sununu, NH 50. Gina Raimondo, RI

See the full ranking of governors here.

“Governor Reeves has made it his mission to continue to improve the business climate in Mississippi,” said Jonathan Williams, chief economist of CAFTA. “Governor Reeves working with legislative leaders to make the State of Magnolia more competitive for new jobs and investment will improve Mississippi’s position relative to other states. “

The scorecard is written by Reagan economist Dr. Arthur B. Laffer, senior researcher Donna Arduin, economic policy expert Stephen Moore, and CFSA chief economist Jonathan Williams. The authors want this report to serve as a guide for consumers when making decisions about the future of their state.


American Legislative Exchange Council press release. CAFTA is the largest non-partisan and voluntary organization of members of state legislators in the United States.

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