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Americans for Prosperity – Oklahoma advances the freedom-sensitive agenda of the national parent organization on many levels, including working to enact legislation to advance economic freedom and freedom of choice in employment. education, as well as a regulation reform.

A top priority for the group this year will be to build on recent political momentum and successes at the Oklahoma seat of government.

On its Facebook page, AFP Oklahoma applauded school choice legislation recently introduced by Pro Tempore State Senate Speaker Greg Treat, R-Oklahoma City, in late January.

Every child deserves the chance to receive a quality education that meets their unique needs, regardless of their zip code. We have already given this opportunity to parents of children with disabilities through the highly successful Lindsey Nicole Henry Scholarship Program. It’s time we gave every parent and student in Oklahoma an equal chance to succeed,” Treat said in a press release sent to JThe Oklahoma City Sentinel.

In a advocacy statement at the end of December, AFP had underline, “Decades of regulatory piling up, with unnecessary or duplicative rules and requirements piling on top of each other without any meaningful consideration of their impact or effectiveness, can undermine economic growth and lead to unintended consequences.

In Oklahoma, AFP works with the state representative. Mark Lepak, R-Claremore, chair of the Oklahoma House Banking, Financial Services and Pensions Committee, on regulatory reform issues, including legislation to fend off Federal Environmental Protection Agency proposals that go beyond the express authorization of Congress.

In an interview, Adam Maxey, AFP’s deputy state director for Oklahoma, said The Oklahoma City Sentinel, “We look forward to a very productive session for taxpayers, putting them back in the driver’s seat. When it comes to raising their children and being rewarded for their hard work and productivity, they deserve to have a say.

Cheering on Oklahoma’s low unemployment rate and economic growth — resulting in bloated tax revenues for the state government — Maxey said AFP would advocate for further tax reforms, including the elimination of the corporate and income tax.

The group’s ongoing work goes beyond legislation that will be considered in the 2022 regular session of the Legislative Assembly.

The Americans for Prosperity Foundationnot brought sessions from the group’s Grassroots Leadership Academy to Oklahoma City, Durant and Bartlesville during the days leading up to the legislative session – which opens this Monday, February 7 at the State Capitol.

Luke Harshaw, director of local engagement for AFP, explains that the training in the “activist certification program aims to educate and equip people who may be interested in getting involved in activism or politics in their communities”. The group seeks “to give you the tools you need to make your voice heard while exerting an influence on the direction Oklahoma is taking.”

The program consists of a total of six two-hour classes spread over three weeks.

A Bartlesville radio program recently reported that AFP teacher training focuses on “to make Oklahoma and America a better place to do business, raise a family, and live day-to-day without government burdens. [Harshaw] says AFP began working on economic issues such as tax and regulatory reform, but they have since branched out to offer a full service to deal with public safety and education issues.

In his interview with The Oklahoma City SentinelMaxey said AFP focused on “Positive change and free of mind in our state.” Asked to handicap the band’s prospects for success this year, he said it’s “cUltimately, the legislature will do the right thing in these areas.

In addition to the direct impact on legislation and basic education, AFP is currently recruiting. The group is seeking applications for several open part-time roles “based in Oklahome City and Tulsa, Maxey said.

AFP’s vision statement, applicable to both its policy and its foundation, includes this miniature description: We currently have over 21,000 active members statewide. AFP Oklahoma is an organization of local leaders who engage citizens on behalf of limited government and free markets at the local, state and federal levels. AFP field activists advocate for public policies that uphold the principles of entrepreneurship and budgetary and regulatory rigour.

When you access the website, look for the “Oklahoma” button to learn more.

Note: Stacy Martin is editor of The Oklahoma City Sentinel; Pat McGuigan is editorial director.

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