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On September 21, 2014, Brian C. Moyer was appointed Director of the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA). It was the culmination of a career that began in the office right after graduating from college.

Moyer attended the University of Maryland, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in economics in 1990 and then a master’s degree in 1993. He joined BEA that year and began working his way up the agency’s ranks. In 2002 he obtained a doctorate. in Economics from the American University. At that time, he was head of GDP by industrial branch.

The office is responsible for collecting and publishing economic data as well as research and analysis. Government, businesses and the public use the BEA’s findings to monitor the country’s economic performance. One of Moyer’s recent positions in the office was that of Associate Director of the Industry Accounts Branch. Industry accounts measure what a specific industry contributes to gross domestic product, what resources go into the industry and what go out.

Some of Moyer’s research has focused on improving statistics relating to measures of volume and prices, productivity, and uses of intermediate purchases by industry. According to Eric Morath from The Wall Street Journal, Moyer also “led efforts to develop measures for intangible and high-tech goods and services and foreign direct investment.”

His research has included co-authoring articles such as “Integration of industry and national economic accounts: first steps and future improvements“(Pdf) and”Future Directions for Industry Accounts“(Pdf).

Moyer became interim director of the BEA in May 2014 when the previous director, J. Steven Landefeld, resigned. If Landefeld’s tenure is a predictor, Moyer could be at the BEA for a while; Landefeld ran the agency for 19 years.

-Steve Straehley

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