At Barnegat 67, residents enjoy the economic freedom to live in rental


Besides convenience, living at Barnegat 67 offers several solid financial advantages, evidenced by the absence of property taxes and maintenance fees for tenants.

Since the beginning of the VSOVID-19 pandemic in early 2020, Americans have changed both the path they or they work and the places where they live. Social distancing, remote work and the the closure of many businesses has attracted former city dwellers to suburban New Jersey neighborhoods.

Moshe Botnick, vice-president of Extell Development Co., explained how new migration patterns stemming from COVID-19 have had a pronounced impact on New Jersey rtrue estate market.

” We have identified meaningII can not movement of big from cities to suburbs, ”Botnick said. “In our New Jersey sHore communities, The Lofts Pier Village and Barnegat 67, there has been a marked increase in the number of visitors future from New York and mwestern New Jersey towns. “

Botnick explained that several factors are fuel new migratory trends. Cities have been particularly affected by the virus, and the Work capacity of the House Has mitigated the objection to a long, expensive commute in heavy traffic. In addition, historically low mortgage rates today have very amplified the purchasing power of buyers of real estate.

Housing stocks in the suburbs are low, and the demand is high, ” Botnick noted. When a buyer purchases a house in the suburbs, the seller often concludes the transaction quickly and realizes a higher price than expected. the product fromitself to sells have activateD NOTWhere is JResident of Jerseys at Enjoy the sshit way of life they always wanted.

The two buildings at Barnegat 67 feature rooftop lounges that are distinguished by comfortable gathering spaces, pet courses, outdoor fire pits and grills.

Botnick added that rental properties are benefiting from the real hot domain Marlet. AT Barnegat 67, an Ocean County rental community for adults age 55 and more, residents Enjoy the economic freedom of rental life in an attractive, coastal environment. At Barnegat 67, the rents Start at $ 1,325 per month for a one-bedroom apartment and $ 1,615 per month for a two-bedroom apartment.

Besides convenience, living at Barnegat 67 offers several solid financial advantages. Tenants do not pay property taxes and maintenance fees. If there is a need for repair, the on-site maintenance team will take care of this at no cost to the tenant.

As indicated by his name, Barnegat 67 is located just off of Exit 67 of the Garden State Parkway. The community offers new luxury apartments designed by the same Extell development team that creates the company’s ladvise Manhattan residential homes. The community also has amenities such as on-site retail stores, a fitness planet health club, medical desks and several restaurants.

The community offers new luxury apartments designed by the same team at Extell Development that creates the company’s lavish Manhattan residences.

Mone of our active adult the residents are still working ”, Botnick noted.The ability to work remotely has increased the demand for our one and two bedroom amenities that include a home offices. Those who job from residence to like to liveing near the beaches of Barnegat and Long Beach Island. ”

Both buildings to Barnegat 67 provide rooftop lounges distinguished by comfortable gathering spaces, pet trail, outdoor fireplaces and grills. Residents often socialize in the open air theater around a good movie or athletic event. Interior lounges in both buildings offer billiards and card tables, attractive fireplaces and personal work places.

active aadults wishing to learn more about Barnegat 67 can visit, email [email protected] or call the Barnegat 67 Leasing Center at 609660-7667 for an appointment to visit the furnished model.

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