Australia is selling its economic freedom to the ‘most powerful dictatorship’ in history


Sky News host Andrew Bolt said Australia was selling its economic freedom to the “most powerful dictatorship in history”.

Mr Bolt said as Prime Minister Anthony Albanese was at the Pacific Islands Forum in Fiji, “China is already busy here depriving Australia of its energy independence”.

“We now have a government – backed by the Greens – saying no, we cannot use our mountains of coal, our mountains of uranium, our oceans of gas and oil to generate our electricity. To make cheap electricity. Lots of electricity,” Mr. Bolt said.

“We must instead switch to wind and solar to meet the Albanian government’s goal of net zero emissions by 2050, using technology that is mainly made in China.

“So under the Labor government we will need six times as much wind power when China dominates much of the lithium-ion battery sector, which is crucial for the manufacture of wind turbines.

“We will also need six times as many solar panels as China already makes 80% of the world’s solar cells, and by 2025 it will make 95%,” the International Energy Agency warned this week. week.

“That means we’re going to give China a crucial say, a stranglehold in effect, over our future power generation. So there’s Albanese who thinks he’s fighting China on the beaches of Fiji, so that China is actually occupied here, threatening our future right now.


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