BORDEAUX: Democratic economics fail while Republican economic freedom thrives | Mississippi Politics and Current Affairs


Submitted by Frank Bordeaux, Chairman of the Republican Party of Mississippi

Conservative policymaking by committed Republican leaders empowers job creators and unleashes the free market. America should follow Mississippi’s lead.

Since President Biden took office and the Democrats took control of the US Congress, inflation has skyrocketed and major supply chain issues have emptied the shelves. In March alone, the consumer price index rose 8.5%, the biggest increase since January 1982 and compounded by record levels of government spending and debt.

As those in Democratic-led states and municipalities continue to face shutdowns and debilitating mandates, conservative-led states — including Mississippi — are rising to the occasion and delivering real results for their citizens.

Unlike President Biden, Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves and the Republican state legislature have balanced the budget, grown the economy and reduced unemployment. Specifically, since Governor Reeves took office, Mississippi has seen more than $2.9 billion in new capital investment, including $1.9 billion in 2020 alone. For comparison, 2020 growth more than doubled the average annual investment of $900 million over the past decade. At the same time, unemployment fell to its lowest level since 1976.

Let’s look at the tourism industry in particular. Even today, most states struggle to attract visitors and improve their travel-related bottom line. This is not true for Mississippi. We were one of the first states to reclaim its tourism industry and continue to be one of the top performing states in terms of travel spending trends. In fact, from September 2019 to September 2021, there was a 24% increase in travel spending.

And it’s not just the tourism industry that has flourished in recent years. Manufacturing also took off. Recently, Nissan announced a half-billion dollar investment in Canton, making Mississippi a new leader in building in-demand electric cars. This investment will support 2,000 jobs, add a new assembly line to the plant and create a new battery facility.

Another company, Enviva, also recently announced that it will invest $250 million to build a wood pellet plant in Mississippi, a move that will create 100 direct jobs as well as 250 indirect jobs.

This growth is not accidental. It is the direct result of intentional conservative policymaking by Republican leaders who are committed to empowering job creators and unleashing the free market. Simply put, government shutdowns and subsidies don’t work; such policies only stifle innovation and drive out well-paying jobs. Instead, America would be well served by following Mississippi’s lead. It’s time to lift mandates, limit government spending, help workers get back to well-paying jobs, and deliver unbridled economic freedom.


Submitted by Frank Bordeaux, Chairman of the Republican Party of Mississippi.


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