Business experts from IUPUC and UI give insight into our economic future at Outlook event


COLUMBUS, Ind. – Business experts from IUPUC and Indiana University predict that while some economic hardships and uncertainties are expected to continue into 2022, the year could hold promise for economic progress, especially if the pandemic does not take hold. not make it worse.

As Columbus Area Chamber of Commerce President Cindy Frey said, “There are thunderstorm clouds brewing, but I hope we leave here feeling good. ‘cautious optimism. “

Frey’s words closed the annual Indiana Business Outlook panel at the Commons in downtown Columbus on Monday. The event was co-hosted by the Chamber of Commerce, Indiana University Business Division, Kelley School of Business and Indiana Business Research Center and was offered both in person and in direct.

Since 1972, experts from the Indiana Business Research Center, part of the Kelley School of Business, have been compiling, analyzing and interpreting international, US, Indian and local economic data and preparing forecasts for the coming year.

This year’s panelists had positive forecasts for the new year, although these were tempered by concerns about supply chain issues, loss of workforce, the effects of the pandemic and a persistent sense of uncertainty as to what the future might hold.

For the full story, see Tuesday’s Republic.


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