Calls for tenders for a strategy to drive the economic future of Offaly


Offaly County Council issued a call for tenders for the development of an Offaly Economic Development Strategy and Action Plan 2022-2027

Offaly’s Economic Development Strategy and Action Plan, 2022-2027 aims to define a comprehensive strategy and roadmap to build an inclusive economy of the future for Offaly.

The council said: “This is a time of great change. The COVID-19 pandemic, accelerated decarbonization, climate change and Brexit have brought the responsibility to reassess and reset the way we are shaping our economic recovery, to build resilience and advance a more diverse, vibrant and sustainable economy in County Offaly with a connected and engaged local business base and focused regional leadership.

“Ultimately, the success of our strategy and action plan depends on the activities, investments and programs we implement to stimulate economic recovery. By focusing on strengths and opportunities with high potential, we create the foundation for a strong, adaptive, sustainable and prosperous environment. the future of our county. “

Stimulating Economic Activity is an interdepartmental work within the Offaly General Council, covering the key areas of Enterprise and Business (Local Economic Development Services and Local Business Office), Community and Culture, Arts and Culture, Planning, Environment and Tourism.

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