Canadian Judge Approves Police Removal of Truckers Blocking Ambassador Bridge


Morawetz said the order would go into effect Friday at 7 pm.


“This gives people the opportunity and time to clear the area,” he said in the initial ruling.

The stretch from Detroit to Windsor, Ontario, has been largely closed since Monday by Canadian truckers from the “Freedom Convoy,” protesting a US and Canadian mandate requiring truckers to get vaccinated against COVID-19. 19 to enter any of the countries.

By Friday, calls for Canada to end the impasse grew among state and federal officials, while the province of Ontario declared a state of emergencyas his prime minister promised further legal action against protesters, including fines and jail terms.

According to estimates by the Anderson Economic Group, an East Lansing consultancy, the bridge jam cost 51 million dollars in direct lost wages at Michigan in his first week alone, a number he said would “increase at a rapid rate” the longer the matchup continued.

“With the industry already understaffed and production lines waiting for parts, any further disruption is very costly,” said Anderson Economic Group CEO Patrick Anderson.

General Motors this week closed several shifts at its vehicle production plant near Lansing due to parts shortages related to the closure of the stretch that normally transports 8,000 trucks and more than $323 million in goods a day. Ford Motor Co. and Toyota Motor Corp. halted some Canadian operations stemming from the shutdown, while Honda planned to stop production on the assembly line at its plant in Alliston, Ontario.

According to the US Department of Transportation, the bridge is the busiest international land border crossing in North America, accounting for nearly a third of the annual round-trip trade between Canada and the US, estimated at over $600 billion.

In response to the potential economic crisis, officials on both sides of the border are increasing pressure to end the impasse. The blockade on the Ambassador Bridge also led to massive traffic backups earlier in the week at Port Huron’s Blue Water Bridge as truckers searched for other routes to Canada.

Canadian protesters also closed border crossings in Coutts, Alberta, across from Montana and in Emerson, Manitoba, across from North Dakota.

On Friday, Governor Gretchen Whitmer said she was urging US and Canadian officials to find a way to open the Ambassador Bridge.

“Obviously I’ve been burning the phone line talking to people from the White House to the Canadian ambassador to our Congressional delegation and some of the Canadian government leaders,” Whitmer said.


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