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75% of Spaniards will travel this Easter, according to a study carried out by Wazypark. For this holiday it is usual to save a part of the money we invest in hotel tickets and reservations, among other expenses. However, we will have to face small expenses, such as tickets for museums, restaurants or gasoline and we may not have immediate and sufficient liquidity to pay for them. To do this, credit cards are a means of payment that offers the best advantages, both for speed and security. Thanks to this type of plastics it is possible to obtain extra money on credit for specific moments that we can reimburse the following month or postpone our purchases in monthly installments.

Free credit cards to pay for the trip you deserve

Plastics are a good way to deal with the expenses that may arise during a trip that. For example, if we rent a car to move around the chosen destination or to pay for museum tickets and tickets, the free credit cards help us to cope with these payments and return the money through the payment method that suits us best.

It is likely that some expenses, such as flights or accommodation, we have covered with the money we have saved during the months before the holidays. However, other types of costs such as those already mentioned, we can address through credit cards.

In addition, they are suitable for the immediacy with which we get the quick money since we can pay at the moment and return the capital in the term that best suits our economic situation.

Employing this type of credit is an efficient possibility because although we can not pay the amount due, we have the option to repay the capital the following month without having to pay interest. In this way, we will have received the capital of the next payroll, which will facilitate the reimbursement of the loan- over troubled water.

Commissions that will charge us with the credit card if we travel abroad

Although according to the Wazypark report, only 3 out of 10 Spaniards decided to leave the country during Holy Week, it is important that we know the aspects that can increase the cost of using plastics abroad.

Extraction of cash: withdrawing money from ATMs in other countries is usually expensive, both in our entity and in those of the competition. Generally, to extract capital from our bank, we will apply a commission of 4% with a minimum of € 3 per transaction, both inside and outside the country.

Currency exchange: If we travel to a country that is outside the eurozone, we will be charged commissions for the exchange of currency. The percentage is around 3 %, but with the WiZink credit card, it’s free. Even so, it is usually cheaper than changing the money in establishments dedicated to it.

Purchases in establishments: in some places, for making purchases with our card, we will also charge a percentage of approximately 3%, so it may be cheaper to use a debit card.

In spite of the plastics commissions, they are a very comfortable and safe means of payment, because we will not have to carry cash on them, which will give us greater security. In addition, if we want to hire plastics and we go on a trip, we can take advantage of the insurance offers offered by the entities we have seen in the table. In this way, we can go more quiet, as we will have travel assistance and accident insurance that can come in handy at a certain time.