Earnipay leverages integrated finance to offer frictionless transactions to drive on-demand wage earning.


earn payment, fintech start-up committed to improving staff productivity and financial well-being by enabling employees to gain flexible, on-demand access to their earned wages before payday has partnered with OnePipe to ensure that the financial transactions that characterize Earnipay’s offerings are carried out frictionlessly and at lightning speed.

In Nigeria today, employees often have to wait for a 30-day pay cycle, meanwhile, life keeps happening and unforeseen financial obligations and pressure to break even and pay bills have historically cost employers up to 30 working days in lost productivity per year. Earnipay is fast becoming the ultimate on-demand wage access solution, taking on the biggest source of workplace distractions and decreased productivity: money worries, and helping employers stay out of debt cycles of predatory payday loans and unlock financial freedom.

Speaking about the collaboration, Earnipay founder and CEO Nonso Onwuzulike said; “We are constantly improving the way we serve our core customers; employers and employees, and our adoption of the robust APIs available on the OnePipe portal is in line with our commitment to bringing financial freedom to businesses. For employers, this is freedom from the challenges that come with poor performance and turnover created by employees dealing with financial struggles, while for employees, it’s freedom from restrictive monthly pay cycles. and an open door to flexible access to the money you’ve had. earned Leveraging OnePipe’s resilient infrastructure ensures disbursements/collections happen within seconds, enhancing our promise to our consumers.”

This partnership sets the stage for Earnipay to further expand its service to over 200,000 employees before the end of 2022 and rapidly expand throughout the African region.

Commenting on the partnership, OnePipe CEO Ope Adeoye had this to say: “OnePipe’s core promise is to work with its partners to achieve customer intimacy and operational excellence through integrated finance. We keep this promise every day by ensuring that the OnePipe gateway delivers world-class service on time, every time. OnePipe’s choice of Earnipay as they go on this laudable journey is an added incentive for Onepipe to deliver on its promise.”

About EarniPay

Earnipay is a fintech financial wellness solution that integrates employer payroll and human resource management systems to allow employees to access their earned salary instantly without interest. Earnipay’s Flexible Salary Access helps organizations improve employee engagement and productivity by alleviating the financial stress caused by eliminating the need for a salary advance or predatory payday loans with interest rates. For more information visit winpay.com

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Busayo Oyetunji ([email protected])

About One Pipe

OnePipe is a mission-driven organization with a firm belief that the world needs a new kind of financial services ecosystem. One where everyone has a role to play and everyone has some value to capture. And while some guardians are needed, their influence should be kept to a minimum. Since its inception in August 2018, OnePipe has facilitated the smooth launch of financial services products by diverse innovators from various industries. OnePipe successfully processed over $70 million in Embedded Finance transactions in February 2022

For more information, visit the OnePipe website at https://onepipe.com/

Press contact:

Femi Apesin ([email protected])

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