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Achieve innovation is a new resource developed by Life Sciences Hub Wales to inform and guide those working in industry, health and social care innovation. It summarizes key research, provides critical information and offers new perspectives from cross-sector thought leaders.

This new digital resource reviews the wealth of knowledge available on innovation in health and social services to provide those who need it with the most relevant and important information. Life Sciences Hub Wales has worked closely with contributors from health, industry, academia and social services.

Innovation is seen by many stakeholders as essential in catalyzing system-wide change and making a difference for patients and individuals. A recent survey commissioned by Life Sciences Hub Wales for Beaufort Research found that 97% of health and social services see innovation as very important, alongside 91% of industry.


However, barriers can make innovation more difficult, including a lack of common language, resources and cross-sector engagement. Life Sciences Hub Wales created the Achieving Innovation resource to help address these challenges, identifying evidence-based solutions and responses to help navigate the innovation ecosystem and sustain our health and care systems. social.

The resource is configured to be regularly updated with new items and is launched with:

Life Sciences Hub Wales CEO Cari-Anne Quinn said: “This new resource can play a key role in helping stakeholders from all walks of life navigate the health and social care ecosystems in Wales and beyond. Innovators hold the key to a large-scale transformation of health, care and wellness in Wales and this resource will help them achieve it.


Health and Human Services Minister Eluned Morgan said: “Innovation plays a vital role in supporting our health and social services sectors in Wales to deliver new ideas and technologies in partnership with industry. I salute Life Sciences Hub Wales’ new Achieving Innovation resource as a key tool for innovators striving to overcome real challenges and seize exciting new opportunities. When we created and funded Life Science Hub Wales, innovation was at the heart of its ethics – this ethics has played a key role in our recovery and response to the impact of COVID-19. “

Dr Chris Subbe, Consultant in Acute, Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine at Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board and Senior Clinical Lecturer at Bangor University, said: “I was thrilled to contribute to the Achieving Innovation resource by exploring the importance of making innovation a daily habit.

In this time of exceptional pressure on our ability to provide quality care, we must find ways to develop talents and ideas wherever they come from. This new resource should provide multidisciplinary innovators from industry and healthcare with the information, context and language they need. “

Darren Hughes, director of the Welsh Confederation of the NHS, said: “We welcome the new Achieving Innovation resource from Life Sciences Hub Wales as we have seen the impact of innovation and service transformation in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. The resource supports a deeper understanding of innovation and complements our multi-agency report prepared by Swansea University, NHS Wales COVID-19 Innovation and Transformation Study Report, which draws on a large evidence base of the experiences of NHS Wales staff, examining why and how they innovated and examining practical recommendations to move this agenda forward.

“As we embark on recovery, it is imperative that we seize the opportunities to improve service delivery, efficiency, patient outcomes, staff well-being and foster a culture of learning and sharing. best practices beyond organizational boundaries. “

The resource comes at an exciting time for innovation in Wales, with the launch of the Intensive Learning Academies earlier in 2021. The first of their kind in the world, these leading academies offer coursework, research and education. tailor-made advice focused on innovation. services, with Life Sciences Hub Wales supporting relevant partners.

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About Life Sciences Hub Wales

Life Sciences Hub Wales aims to make Wales the place of choice for innovation in health, care and wellness. We help advance innovation and create meaningful collaboration between industry, health, social services, government and research organizations.

We want to help transform both the health and economic well-being of the nation:

  • Accelerate the development and adoption of innovative solutions that meet the health and social care needs of Wales, and;
  • in partnership with industry to advance economic improvement in the life sciences sector and stimulate business growth and employment in Wales.

We do this by working closely with colleagues in health and social services to understand the challenges and pressures an organization may face. Once identified, we then work with industry to help find and support the development of innovative solutions to respond to these challenges with agility.

Our team provides tailored advice, signage and support to accelerate all innovation journeys, whether it’s supporting a clinician with a brilliant idea or a multinational life science organization.

Life Sciences Hub Wales helps catalyze system-wide change by organizing and orchestrating a cross-sector innovation ecosystem. These connections allow us to create valuable networking and matchmaking opportunities.

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About the Achieving Innovation resource

The resource starts with:

  • Eight ideas for achieving innovation– article bringing together key ideas and themes from the entire resource.
  • Phone book summarizing the support and organizations available in Wales.
  • A narrative review evidence and literature on innovation.
  • A policy review the Welsh government’s approach to innovation.
  • Blogs written by innovation-driven health, industry and social service leaders.
  • Podcasts where thought leaders discuss the challenges and opportunities of innovation.

Survey reference:

A recent survey commissioned by Life Sciences Hub Wales for Beaufort Research found that 97% of health and social services see innovation as very important, alongside 91% of industry.

Beaufort Research was commissioned by Life Sciences Hub Wales to conduct an anonymous survey of cross-sector stakeholder perceptions around the organization and the broader life sciences sector in early 2021. This was undertaken to help inform the future strategic direction of Life Sciences Hub Wales.



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