Finance Minister Says Northern Mining Critical to Economic Future



The province’s finance minister says the mining sector is “absolutely essential” to Ontario’s economic future.

Addressing a Chamber of Commerce event in Timmins this morning, Peter Bethlenfalvy said electric car production is the lifeblood of the economy. Things like copper and nickel are needed for batteries.

“Ontario has a comparative advantage in my opinion,” said the minister, “and let’s invest in that for all Ontarians. And that is why mineral exploration is such an important part of our strategy in government.

Bethlenfalvy said her ministry was considering several options, including increasing funding for flow-through share funding.

“Ontario can and should be the world leader. We all have the talents. We have all the resources. We have the skills. We have the education system and we have the north. And so I think that’s part of the future of this great province.



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