France calls for an overhaul of the format and economic model of the Davis Cup


The French Tennis Federation has called for an overhaul of the format and economic model of the Davis Cup, to make the annual team competition, centenary, more attractive.

“The FFT’s desire to promote and revitalize the Davis Cup is stronger than ever,” the FFT wrote in a statement when it decided not to bid to host the group stage in December. In the interest of this competition and of tennis, the FFT wishes to contribute to the reflection on the sporting format of the competition and the evolution of its economic model to make it more attractive, within the framework of a governance which respects the values and the spirit of the Davis Cup.

The call comes following France’s bid to host the Davis Cup group stages in September this year. At the beginning of the year, in mid-March, the FFT seized the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) to have it recognize its right to bid for the host city of the group stages of the Davis Cup, which take place from 14 to September 17, 2022. .

“Onerous financial and operational conditions” (FFT)

Following their successful appeal, the FFT was included in the bidding process to host the group stages. However, after receiving the details, including financial and operational guidelines, to host the event, the TFF dropped its bid to host the Davis Cup.

“The FFT decided not to submit an offer given the onerous financial and operational conditions that no potential organizer on French territory was ready to accept.”

France is one of 16 nations to qualify for the group stage in December. It was recently announced that Malaga, Spain, which previously secured group stage hosting rights for September, will now host the knockout stages in December.

A replacement for Malaga will be announced shortly.


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