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Bimal Jalan’s new work sheds light on priorities the government can implement to realize the potential of the national economy

From Dependency to Autonomy: Mapping India’s Rise as a Global Superpower

By Bimal Jalan

Rupa Publications, 184 pages, Rs 695

Bimal Jalan, former Governor of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), has been one of our best commentators on the economy, known for his lucid and user-friendly analyses. In recent years, he has authored three books which provide a general overview of India’s contemporary economic history: “India After Liberalization: An Overview” (2021), “India Reckoning: Rewards and Discontents of Democracy” (2021) and “India Then and Now: An Insider’s Account” (2020). His latest book, “From Dependency to Self-Reliance: Mapping the Rise of India as a global superpower”, “continues the current of thought” of these three works, as he writes in the preface.

In particular, the new book aims to add to the “ongoing debate about India’s approach to future economic growth, as well as governance and political issues in the 21st century”.

With the BJP government in the second term enjoying unprecedented popularity across the country and a majority in parliament, the political profile of the government has undergone a major shift. The government, with an unambiguous mandate, is now able to initiate political reforms on its own without relying on the discretionary power of members belonging to other parties. “From Dependency to Self-Reliance” highlights some of the priorities that the government can implement now, as well as in the future, based on past experience.

Based on extensive research and data, this book offers a way forward to develop India as an economic stronghold. Its ten chapters are divided into three sections: Economics, Governance and Politics, covering a range of changes that have taken place since India’s independence and how these changes have had a revolutionary impact on the development of the nation. It is a must read to gain a thorough understanding of India’s rise to prominence in economics, politics and technology.


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