Global Wealth Group is committed to making economic freedom more accessible


Global Wealth Group is dedicated to making economic freedom more accessible to everyone. For too long, financial security has been out of reach for most people, but that’s changing with the help of innovative technology from Global Wealth Group.

“At Global Wealth Group, we are passionate about using FinTech to ensure that more people can enjoy financial security. Our goal is to empower at least 25% of the world’s population with a method to create and preserve their wealth. by 2030, and we believe the power of crowdfunding and the momentum of a group investment is the right way to get there,” says Global Wealth Group CEO Scott Picken.

In 2020, global real estate was valued at approximately $326.5 trillion (USD), making property worth almost four times the global gross domestic product. However, this asset class is not available to the majority in the world except for the wealthiest investors in the top 1%.

Global Wealth Group’s FinTech solution puts economic freedom in the hands of its members. “We are on a deliberate journey to expand globally. By providing investors with the opportunity to invest in our business and join our wealth movement, we enable everyone to access high-quality investment opportunities. We stand for the person who wants freedom and control over their financial future,” says Picken. The Global Wealth Group achieved its target increase within 3 days of opening the investment to the public. They are overfunding now but have announced that they have a hard limit to which they are willing to overfund, and investment interest will be on a first come, first served basis.

Crowdfunding uses the dynamics of group investing and is one of the tools made possible by advances in technology, allowing each member of the group to invest beyond their means. Picken is proud of what Global Wealth Group has achieved so far: “The real estate industry is experiencing a technological disruption, with more than 250 platforms globally adapting to innovation. Our global platform gives us a competitive edge over other real estate platforms designed just for in-country transactions. »

As part of the Global Wealth Group, Wealth Migrate is the only platform designed and launched as a global platform. Picken says the company has persevered in delivering a compliant solution: “We solved the complexities of regulations and banking and ensured compliance through SMART collaborative investing and digital wallets. We operate on five continents, have international capital flows and offer diversity in first world markets.

The process to become a member is a simple four-step process:

1. Register online.

2. Complete your profile.

3. Fund your digital wallet.

4. Invest in one of our meta market offers.

“We made the process both safe and simple. Members can invest from as little as $100 (USD) and earn income paid directly into their secure account. It is a secure and compliant solution for global investors,” says Picken.

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