Group calls for planning for Marshall County’s economic future


MARSHALL COUNTY, W.Va. (WTRF) – Marshall County Commissioners received a brief and were asked to support a study on Tuesday. The newspapers showed trends in their county and those of other communities in the Ohio Valley.

The Ohio River Valley Institute wants to project the future of the Ohio Valley community, and then pass that information on to those responsible.

Sean O’Leary, with the Ohio River Valley Institute, spoke about economic development for the citizens of Marshall County, and not invest in an industry that does not promise jobs.

He asked for support in this research which would consider businesses, employers and educational institutions in Marshall County.

In the brochure presented on Tuesday, Centralia, Washington’s largest employer was coal until that coal-fired power plant retired and reinvested money in transition funds for economic development assistants.

What struck us when we looked at Centralia were the results they generated. From 2016, they began to generate jobs twice the size of the US economy.

Sean O’Leary, Ohio River Valley Institute

The commission chairman says it’s important not to step on the toes of an already established industry, but is curious what the study would find.

Their power station (Centralia), their situation as a coal-fired power station; it kind of reflects what we have here. You know, we are all interested in economic development and we want to promote it. And we just want to make sure that we take advantage of everything that is out there. And Mr. O’Leary’s project. I think it’s worth seeing what it has to offer once it’s over.

John Gruzinskas, Chairman of the Marshall County Commission

O’Leary will also be traveling to Ohio County on Tuesday to request similar support and he has previously stopped in Belmont County.

The study wouldn’t start until the New Year and would produce results six months later.

For the full Ohio River Valley Institute study on Centralia, click here.


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