Heroes Con 2022: The Economic Future of the Comics Industry Looks Bright


Hero Scam 2022 wrapped up its 40th anniversary last weekend. It was absolutely a welcome development considering there had been a two-year hiatus. There’s a lot to take away from this year’s event. An aspect that the Charlotte Hero Scam 2022 presented was that the economic future of the comics industry looks bright.

Previous highs and lows

If you’re a comic book fan, you know the history of the industry. There are comic boom times. However, there are also close calls, almost losing the genre. Comics in newspapers and comics in grocery stores date back to the early 1900s. However, by 1950 there was a generally negative opinion regarding comics and the impact they had on children.

We know things picked up and the 70s and 80s were pretty strong. Then 1993 happened. The comic book industry crashed, and it crashed hard.

There were issues between writers/artists, publishers, and distributors, among other issues. We almost lost the industry.

industry perseverance

hanging on a thread wonder merged with ToyBiz in order to avoid bankruptcy. There are a few comic book movies so far, but many still struggled to break through. Superman, Batman 89and Batman returns found success, but other films suck Rocket, The shadow, Dick Tracyetc weren’t so lucky.

Still, wonderThe merger of and the implementation of new strategies contributed to reversing the trend. Other companies have also begun to drastically change their strategies for the better. This leads to a strong following for the comics direct to stores. Smaller publishers also have the opportunity to grow. It also leads to connections in other areas such as anime, toys, merchandise, and eventually movies.

The “medium” fan

Flashforward in 2005 and 2008. Christopher Nolan revives The Dark Knight with batman begins and wonder released Iron Man. It brings new life to the comics industry and provides exposure for many “average” fans. While many everyday fans would rather stick with the movies, it helps solidify comic book life for the rest of us. We know disney now owns wonder. Because of these moves, comic book movies have produced billions for their studios, industries, and economy.

Back from the abyss

Comedic conventions are nothing new. However, if you have been there for a while, they have changed. SDCC is a pop culture staple not only for comic books, but also for film, TV, toys, cartoons, and more. You name it and you will find it on SDCC. Many companies use it as a springboard for their marketing.

conventions such as Hero Scam allows the torch to be passed on through the generations. Children grow up with comedy movies deeply embedded in their entertainment life. This not only helps the economy of the comic book industry, but also the US and global economy. Films and titles released around the world with strong followings continue to help the industry thrive and boost the economy.

Age of Nostalgia and Heroes Con 2022

Alright, so cut out the big budget movies, toys, etc. What about where it all began: comic books? As stated earlier, Hero Scam primarily focuses on comics. You might be looking for a fairly recent issue or something seemingly obscure. I picked up a copy of Jennika’s first appearance as a turtle in TMNT #95, which was released in 2019. Most counters will have yesterday’s gems that survived multiple dips. And there is always a market for what seems unattainable.

Hero Scam has something for everyone. For example, here is an extremely rare 9.6 graded copy of Spirit for the handsome sum of $125,000!

Here are some original sketches by Jack Kirby. Each individual page is a different price. These two pages cost $45,000 and $32,000 respectively.

Or maybe you would like a VHS of The Empire Strikes Back still in its original seal. Only $5,000. So of course these are in the untouchable zone. However, I saw a guy drop $1700 cash on a few rare comics.

While many of us would have to pull out a year’s salary to buy one, the idea is that there is a valuable market/economy for the comic industry.

I’ll stick to much more affordable merchandise and comics.

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For me, there’s always that hint of fear that the hype won’t last. It may wobble, but as pointed out again Hero Scamthe comic economy is strong and here to stay.

Hero Scam, like many others, started in a hotel lobby/ballroom. Now it is hosted at the Charlotte Convention Center, breaking an attendance record for the event after 40 years. Most of the downsides are in the big convention centers. Conventions combined with the continued success of comic book movies, streaming shows, toys, merchandise, and more. fitting into nostalgia and pop culture helps reflect that the economy and the future of comics is bright. And if so, then we’re all winners.

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