“If the market is not working well, the state must intervene”


Economics professor Jose Maria O’Keene talks about it in the Valle Tarde mass Rise in inflation This is what Spain is currently experiencing and has ensured that the new bank tax is finally passed on to citizens. “It’s not a measure against inflation, it’s a measure that promotes inflation, just like a tax on electricity companies,” he said.

“If I tax the bank, it’s another cost and it can reduce its margins and that the previous advantages have been taken by the governmentOr he can pass it on to citizens in commission and higher interest rates,” he said.

In this sense, economists believe that the objective must beconsumers pay less“and” does not establish taxes which are then passed on to consumers.

However, Jose Maria O’Keene confirms that the lack of competition has led to this situation: “When the market acts more or less in competition, things are delivered with greater economic efficiencyHowever, there are companies that have market power and do what they do.

In this context, The Economist is hard-hitting: “If the market is not working well, the state will have to intervene and there are many tools to do this and replace it, now we are using a tool with which the state wants to collect. ”

something else, Jose Maria O’Keene makes a clear prediction of when ‘the economy will pull back’“Certainly by the first or second quarter of next year we will have already linked this to our way of thinking and again the economy will start to pull again,” he said. You can watch that moment in the video below.


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