Kazakhstan reaches 39th place on the index of economic freedom on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of independence


NUR-SULTAN – Good news to mark the 30th anniversary of Kazakhstan’s independence. According to new figures from the Index of Economic Freedom 2020 provided by the American Research Center Heritage Foundation, Kazakhstan took 39th place out of 180, after improving its indicators by 20 positions (the country was in 59th place in 2019 ).

The Heritage Foundation noted that Kazakhstan became one of the 10 countries with the most significant positive dynamics in terms of improving its position in the 2020 ranking. Positive dynamics were noted in the key sustainability indicators. budget, the protection of property rights, the efficiency of government agencies, the efficiency of government spending, the freedom of business, the free trade and the efficiency of the judiciary.

Stable dynamics were observed for indicators such as freedom of investment and freedom of the financial sector.

For comparison, in the ranking of countries according to the Economic Freedom Index 2020, the Russian Federation took 94th place, Uzbekistan 114th, Belarus 88th and Kyrgyzstan 81st. The top five countries with the highest level of economic freedom are Singapore, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Australia and Switzerland.

The American Research Center The Heritage Foundation publishes an annual report on the economic freedom of countries around the world. The Index of Economic Freedom is a combined indicator that measures the level of economic freedom, which forms the corresponding rating.

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