Leaders present the economic future of the Coachella Valley at the “Valley Mayors, County Mayors and Tribal Presidents Luncheon”


Leaders in the Coachella Valley met Monday at the “All Valley Mayors, Counties and Tribal Presidents Luncheon” to discuss issues impacting the region.

The nine mayors of the valley, as well as the county supervisor and two tribal chiefs attended the luncheon.

Each panelist had five minutes to discuss the main issues in their city.

The mayors of Indio and Coachella have focused on renovating their downtown areas.

Indio Mayor Steven Hernandez said, “Now the annex is going to see an improvement of about $4.5 million. And that’s going to allow us to do different media arts as well as theater.”

While Coachella Mayor Waymond Fermon says, “Our downtown is under construction right now. We have about five restaurants that are under construction as we speak. We have our Gambino scratcher, we have a cafe, we have a downtown amphitheater that we are working on. on.”

Palm Desert highlighted the city’s new housing and educational advancements.

Palm Desert Mayor Jan Harnik says, “

Palm Desert Mayor Jan Harnik says, “

Palm Desert Mayor Jan Harnik said, “We have almost 4,000 housing units started, some are under construction, some are still in the works, almost 20% of them are affordable, and it’s It’s in the area around the university. And it makes perfect sense for those houses to be there.

The City of Palm Desert is also adding a student center to its CSU San Bernardino campus.

Palm Springs says tourism is booming in the area and is expected to see an increase of about $60 million in revenue.

The city is also focusing on its homeless outreach efforts.

Palm Springs Mayor Lisa Middleton said, I am proud that our city is partnering with Martha’s, we will be building a state-of-the-art facility. »

Other issues discussed at today’s lunch included the potential rail system and energy consumption across the region.

You can see the full list of panelists here.


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