Letter: Economic freedom is the key, not the agenda


Robert Dotson’s March 22 letter to the editor attempted to refute my recent column, which rightly blamed Joe Biden for America’s current energy problems. His “simple truths” on the subject are insufficient.

Dotson is right. The United States leads the world with 16% of oil production, even though global demand has exceeded supply over the past year. And by the end of 2022, America will have the largest liquefied natural gas capacity in the world, supplying 21%.

Unfortunately, this staggering level of production is happening because it is being done on public and private land, despite Biden’s anti-fossil fuel, the “great reset” of capitalist policies that are straining the basic structures of the world. supply and demand.

Dotson further points out that oil is a global commodity not controlled by Biden. Biden’s endless policies and regulations have deliberately limited US energy production in conflict with America’s needs. During the 2020 campaign, Biden promised to put coal, oil and natural gas companies out of business much to the delight of wealthy Democratic financial donors.

Biden doesn’t care about supply and demand when it comes to fossil fuel production. He subscribes to the dumb idea that unproven, government-subsidized green energy boondoggles are the answer. Unfortunately, these “solutions” do nothing to promote stable and reliable energy supplies for places like Western Europe which depends on Russian Putin for its very economic survival.

Stop apologizing for Biden. Global demand for oil and natural gas will continue to rise until at least 2050. Economic freedom, not Biden’s agenda, is the answer to US and global energy sufficiency. Such thinking is not right-wing propaganda but the plain truth.

Marc Figley



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