March 8 Women Workers Demonstration to Demand Economic Freedom


Union leaders said on Wednesday that women workers in Pakistan face immense social, economic and political problems and are not receiving equal pay for equal work.

Addressing a press conference at the Karachi Press Club as part of their March 8 ‘Mehnatkash Aurat Rally’, Zehra Akbar Khan, leader of the Home Workers Federation, said that this year, on the occasion of On International Women’s Day, working women had decided to organize a huge rally under the slogan “peace, bread and equality”, in keeping with the spirit and ideology of the big day.

“This rally will march from Fawara Chowk to the Arts Council at 3 p.m. A cultural program will take place at the end of the rally. Along with thousands of female workers, Haris and home-based workers, a large number of female students, transgender people and other workers will participate in the rally,” she said.

“The issue of gender and women’s economic empowerment is the issue that is directly linked to the independence of society. If a woman is asking for gender equality and economic freedom, she is actually asking for the liberation of society.

If half the population faced the worst social, political, economic, cultural and gender discrimination, then societal decay and downfall were inevitable, Khan noted.

Karamat Ali, chairman of the National Labor Council, said that when poverty, deprivation, disease, unemployment, homelessness and environmental change hit society hard, those most affected were women and children. belonging to the working class.

“In this economic crisis, women are rapidly becoming part of the production process as hired slaves, where they are deprived of all their basic rights,” he said. “A cruel economic system is formed in which women work largely as unpaid slaves.”

Nasir Mansoor from the National Federation of Trade Unions, Zainab Nasir from the Youth Substitute Group; Ruksana, member of the All Lady Health Worker Employees Union; Shakeela Khan, president of the Home-Based Women Bangle Workers Union, Hyderabad, Sabhagi Bheel, leader of the Hari Workers, and others also spoke.


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