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Dr David Matsanga in London, UK.

I was one of those who saw Chinese people in Uganda have a rice program in a place called the Kimbinba rice program. 40 years ago, the Chinese did not use a bottom-up economic model, instead they used a bottom-up “shoot to kill” model to create the strong country they have today.

The Chinese killed all the corrupt thieves who even stole 2 kilos of rice and they cleaned up the system, changed people’s mindsets, changed China’s social structures and built the mighty economic empire that we see today.

The truth is that Dr William Ruto and Dr David Ndii must destroy the entire generation of “bottom-up economic policy” corruption to achieve “bottom-up economic policy” as “China’s cultural revolution”.

I know the purpose of a business model is to take a complex and real situation and relate it to the basics. Such a model should be simple enough to be understood while being complex enough to capture key information.

I believe that an economic thought of a model like this should be thoroughly elucidated and broken down into the simplest terms that can be absorbed by even the most rational people to whom it is sold.

Unfortunately, to Dr. William Ruto, his “bottom-up” model appears to be a half-baked narrative devoid of any economic sense. For its supporters as for its allies, it is an enigma shrouded in a mystery within an enigma. A message not understood even by his messengers.

I have watched Kenyan television and see several of its allies not even convinced of themselves and trying to convince the public of their model.

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I can tell you without fear that so far no one has been able to intelligibly explain their principles, not because it is complex, but because there actually is none. . It is simply a decorated recital that sums up only a bag of air, a simple political bait suspended to deceive the electorate.

In the annals of history, when Karl Marx spoke of his Communist model it was so explainable that Lenin and Stalin found it easy to accomplish across the Soviet Union and beyond, the concept resonated well in the world. not to be taught in schools. But I have a feeling that the “bottom up economy” will not be taught in school.

In the western world, which is the very open line the capitalists have taken with Adam Smith’s laissez-faire and free-market economy models, the concept is so simplified and also fits perfectly into their economies and communities. education systems.

I want to say here without fear that the model of William Ruto, is something akin to an abracadabra magical theater of conjurers that has given the audience a rudimentary understanding of. It is pure vanity.

To be honest, a good model should be open to criticism, which is why every economic theory comes with its fair share of criticism. All in all, William Ruto’s model is not a law in itself, but a matter of public discourse and criticism. Therefore, intelligent people must criticize him to save the oppressed masses from lies.

It’s a good thing that Kenyans don’t just take the hook, line and sinker, but ask interrogative questions. The majority of the so-called scammers may be poor, but I hope they aren’t stupid. The truth, therefore, will set some of us who dare to challenge Ruto’s mass hysteria squads.

For the model to work, Ruto and his allies must be prepared to shoot corruption from top to bottom. Are they ready for it?

Dr David Matsanga is the Chairman of Pan African Forum (UK) Ltd.


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