McDonald’s workers accuse fast food chain of serious security breaches and ‘degrading’ treatment | The independent


McDonald’s workers have accused their employer of serious security breaches, as well as “belittling and degrading” staff.

Staff also said they had to borrow money because the fast food chain offered unsafe shifts and low pay, according to responses to a survey by the campaign group Organize.

One employee said McDonald’s did not teach them how to do their jobs safely. As a result, the person claimed to have sustained a serious injury that could have resulted in unsanitary food treatment, that person said.

“The tool they gave me to use the machine cut my hand, leaving a layer of skin hanging, there was blood everywhere. I received a band-aid, but they didn’t give me safety gloves and the manager didn’t care, ”the worker, who wanted to remain anonymous, told Organize.

Another employee, who claimed to have a zero-hour contract, expressed a desire to work without “worrying about living month to month.”

That person said, “It’s not that McDonald’s is short on money and needs to cut back. They are willing to watch the staff struggle just to put a few more pennies in their own pockets. “

A third McDonald’s employee spoke of “the constant disparagement and degrading treatment of staff by managers” and teens forced to work 16-hour shifts.

McDonald’s workers staged the first strike against the company in the UK earlier this month. Employees, nicknamed McStrikers, at McDonald’s Crayford and Cambridge branches were applauded when they were mentioned by shadow Chancellor John McDonnell at the Labor Party conference this week.

One of the strikers, Shen Batmaz, said Monday “McDonald’s called us liars and said we were just a few. All these people can’t be wrong. We know you can tell a McDonald’s worker from burns on his arms. We all have stories of abuse and injuries on the job. “

Organize 400 respondents who signed a petition requiring McDonald’s to pay its workers £ 10 an hour. It found that 71 percent of those people said they had to borrow money to survive. Two-thirds said they had borrowed the money from family members and 13 percent from high-interest payday loan companies.

Four-fifths of those surveyed said they currently had insecure zero-hour contracts, with shifts being changed or canceled at the last minute, while 84 percent said they would like to work a specified number of hours each week. McDonald’s said the contracts would be available at all of its UK restaurants by the end of 2017.

McDonald’s did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the allegations. The company announced in April that workers would be offered a choice of flexible or fixed contracts with guaranteed minimum hours, adding that 86 percent of workers have chosen to remain on flexible contracts.


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