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Ohio has work to do if it is to attract the types of employers that will propel its economy to prosperity.

According to an Axios report on Heartland Forward State Analysis “Entrepreneurial capacity”, Buckeye State ranked 40th in terms of new businesses, usability and access to businesses, and government grants among several other factors.

Heartland Forward is an Arkansas-based think tank “Dedicated to improving economic performance in the heart of America.” “

His study showed that young companies only accounted for 8% of the state’s share of employment; and that only 29% of the population has a bachelor’s degree or above.

Ohio also ranked 31st for the percentage of households with a computer and 26th for business research and development spending per million population.

Of course, the Columbus area fared better than the state as a whole. This metropolitan area has a long history of attracting educated young people from the state to settle there as they seek to further their education or launch their new careers.

But neighboring states such as Michigan and Pennsylvania fared considerably better than Ohio. (On the other hand, neighboring West Virginia was ranked last.)

The first step could be to get out of our own way. With a little more honesty about what attracts the kind of people who now power the economies of our nation’s major metropolitan areas, there’s no reason Ohio can’t move up the ranks in terms of “Entrepreneurial capacity”.

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