Renewables key to Noosa’s economic future

The Yarra Energy Foundation Community Battery has just opened and is able to supply the energy needs of 200 households in the evening.

With electricity prices set to show substantial price increases, the need to focus on energy efficiency and renewable energy is more important than ever to Noosa’s economy.

“ZEN Inc. has estimated that at least $77 million leaves the county each year in electricity costs,” said Zero Emissions Noosa President Anne Kennedy.

“It should be heading towards $100 million in the near future with rising costs.

“Our current goal is to develop a network of community batteries across the county.

“We are only at the start, but we know this is an essential next step for Noosa.

“We work closely with colleagues at the Yarra Energy Foundation, who are leaders in this area. Additionally, we strongly believe that a real and serious economic development focus for the county must include helping existing businesses gain control of their electricity costs.

“We have proof of what can be achieved through our series of business case studies, where owners are unanimous in describing solar energy as ‘no-brainer’ for their business results.

“However, much more needs to be done in areas such as business, strata and low-income or rental housing.”


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