Review of Economic Freedom with Daniel Smith

  • David Plazas is the Director of Opinion and Engagement for USA TODAY Network Tennessee.

While policymakers, economists, and commentators talk about ways to curb inflation, provide affordable housing, and spur economic growth, the discussion often revolves around the extent of government intervention and regulations.

Do more taxes mean better public services or do they discourage investment and spending? What does economic freedom really mean and how can it be achieved to create better outcomes for all citizens?

In this episode of the Tennessee Voices podcast, I discussed these questions with Daniel Smith, professor of economics and director of the Political Economy Research Institute at Middle Tennessee State University.

Daniel Smith, director of the Political Economy Research Institute;  Associate Professor in Economics and Finance

He discussed market competition and why lawmakers should be careful before regulating Big Tech companies such as Facebook, Google or Twitter.

Smith grew up in rural Michigan and began to explore her interest in why some people make more money than others.

This helped shape his future studies and philosophy as well as his preference for more economic freedom and less government regulation.

He said the challenge of teaching classes during COVID, especially when virtual, stimulates strong discussions, which is necessary for exploring topics in an academic setting.

Op-Ed by Daniel Smith:Why Tennessee Needs to Reform Certificates of Need Regulations to Improve the Healthcare Market | Opinion

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David Plazas is director of opinion and engagement for USA TODAY Network Tennessee and a member of the editorial board of The Tennessean. Tweet him at @davidplazas.


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