Richard Goble fights for economic freedom at CD 7 race


For over 30 years Richard goble has been a frontline warrior in the struggle for greater freedom and flexibility in American capitalism, and he has both victories and battle scars to prove it.

Now, Goble is leading this crusade into the Republican primary battle, for the chance to run in Florida’s 7th Congressional District against the Democratic Rep. Stephanie Murphy.

If Murphy is in any way beholden to the more socialist wing of her party – she insists it isn’t and has a record that has garnered support from business groups such as the US Chamber of Commerce – Goble intends to challenge her as an advocate of a purer, less cluttered version of capitalism.

Nothing works without solid capital formation, argues Goble. And everything works better with it. It not only addresses social issues ranging from healthcare to safety nets, but also issues as broad as national security and border security.

“We are blessed to be a capitalist country. If we don’t defend capitalism effectively, we are betraying our security, ”Goble said.

“I gave this speech before [U.S. Defense Department] Central Command once, when I was president of the Florida Securities Association. I told them, without scholarships and capital formation, we wouldn’t have the best army ever seen in mankind, ”Goble continued. “And the generals and admirals all agreed with me.”

Goble, 59, of Lake Mary, is in a CD 7 Republican primary battle royale with Orlando Dr Léo Valentin, Chelle DiAngelus, Longwood Healthcare Director, Orlando businessman Yukong Zhao, Orlando lawyer Vennia Francois, DeBary city councilor Stephen Bacon and Orlando businessman Thomas Delia.

CD 7 covers Seminole County and northern and central Orange County, including downtown Orlando, some affluent suburbs, some affluent urban neighborhoods, and the University of Central Florida.

Valentin showed his early fundraising prowess, collecting $ 255,000 in campaign contributions in the last quarter of 2019, including $ 70,000 of his own money. Zhao raised $ 120,000, Francois raised $ 30,000 and Goble raised $ 26,000. Meanwhile, Murphy ended 2019 with over $ 1 million in the bank and has shown his ability to raise millions of dollars in his recent election campaigns.

Goble tries to stay focused on Murphy.

“I think all my [Republican] competitors are good people. I think their intentions are good. But I think I’m the best fit because I’ve worked with these guys in Washington, DC, I know how to stand up to them. And I know how to represent conservative views. And I know how to represent capitalism. And I know how to explain it, so that we don’t back down.

“Plus I know how to work with people. I know how to compromise, ”he said.

During his two terms, Murphy strived to produce a moderate dossier on economic issues and rhetoric promoting capitalism and rejecting socialism. Goble is not convinced.

“She voted against the tax cuts,” he said. “So basically she’s voting against capitalism. She says that the people who go out and produce, provide goods and services, and risk their own lives and their own wealth so that we can have a good economy and a good standard of living, should be taxed more, “because I want to take the money from you and distribute it where I want it, so that I can control this electorate.

Goble’s past has been that of a gadfly and a rebel in financial markets, pushing for more market freedom, reductions in regulation and more opportunities for capital to be diverted by small businesses. towards small businesses. He advocates for the creation of additional scholarships, even for individuals like Florida.

At one point, he was a board member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority and attempted elections that would bring greater representation for small businesses. He found himself grappling with members of the big banks and companies on Wall Street. These battles had earned him some fame and fame in the financial markets industry. They might have it too struggling with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The SEC severely reprimanded him, shut down his company, and banned him for life from partnering with brokers or dealers. He won back on appeal.

Now on the outside, he remains an anti-regulatory gadfly, and he intends to bring that perspective to Congress. In a recent interview, he pointed out a 4 Rivers smokehousedrive through the Longwood parking lot and marvel at the success achieved by its founder.

“There is no reason John rivers cannot be made public without fear of retaliation from a regulatory environment based on the interpretation of the day, to raise capital to make a business nationwide, ”Goble said. “This is a great product from John Rivers. Why can’t it become national? When I started in the securities industry, John Rivers was already a public company and would likely have capital of $ 400 million.

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