Rueda defends addressing local funding after the autonomic and denies “sectarianism” in subsidies



The vice-president of the Xunta, Alfonso Rueda, has defended that the local financing has to be tackled after the autonomic one and has replied to the PSdeG that “shares” that it is necessary to “reorder competencies”, but it is necessary to do it knowing “previously” the resources of what is available. At the time, has denied the accusations of “sectarianism” in the distribution of subsidies from the regional government to local entities.

He has stated in response to the Socialist deputy Begoña Rodríguez Rumbo, who has strongly criticized the subsidy policy of the Xunta in relation to local entities. “His system is obsolete and cacique”, he has failed, before warning that “territorial balance is not sought”. “They do what they do, for the gallery, and they really do not do anything, or what is worse, they do it for their own”, he said.

Thus, he has argued that the PPdeG “wins elections” but “not to govern for all,” but “to favor those of their political color and despising the rest of the citizenry.” It has exemplified with orders like the one of the ‘Plan Hurbe’, that “they benefit especially to town councils of the PP”, and has accused to the popular ones of “not fulfilling the criteria of transparency” in the helps.

“Surely if we make a commission here as you propose to control the execution of state budgets to analyze the agreements that are taken here we would take the colors,” he said, critical of the proposal of the Xunta to reduce local taxes as the Tax on Real Estate (IBI) for the installation of companies.

In fact, the parliamentarian has alluded to the Galician Commission of Local Cooperation held last week and, although she has acknowledged that the president of the Galician Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (Fegamp) and mayor of O Barco de Valdeorras, the socialist Alfredo García, He indicated that the proposal could be “interesting”, now it has been “studied” and has predicted that the mayors, and “not only the socialists”, will reject it.



Not in vain, the socialist deputy has stressed that employment powers reside in the Xunta. Opposite, Rueda has expressed outrage at the intervention of the parliamentarian and, after emphasizing that the municipalities also have their role in the promotion of economic activity, Rodriguez Rodriguez has asked, in an ironic tone, that “no quarrel” to the president of Fegamp for having recognized “progress” in the meeting of the Local Cooperation Commission.

In a row, has denied that the municipalities of the PP are prioritized in the distribution of subsidies and has replied that, “as sectarian data” could be an analysis of the aid granted by the Provincial Council of Lugo, when José Ramón Gómez Besteiro It was at the front, and by the bipartisan government, a stage in which Rodríguez Rumbo herself was the local director of Local Administration.

“His insinuations are very serious and lead me to think what you did when you had the competitions.” Of course, this government does not, “he said, before noting that the Xunta also” ningunea or humiliates “the municipalities with proposals such as the “collaborate” to favor the installation of companies.

Rueda, to whom Rodríguez Rumbo asked to “see with affection” the proposed socialist law that claims the creation of a Local Participation Fund for an adequate endowment of resources to local entities, has also insisted that the regional government “worries” local funding, but stressed that “first will have to resolve the autonomic.”


“I agree that the issue of competencies needs a reordering and nobody did, but first resolve the regional financing, reorder yes but being logical and seeing the resources that are,” he insisted, before warning that the Government of Feijóo “blinded” the Local Cooperation Fund that the bipartite had “much lower” despite having “raised revenues.”

“If you want to talk about sectarianism in the councils, if you want we talk about the time of Cacharro in the Lugo or Louzán in the Pontevedra,” Rodríguez Rumbo replied, who has reaffirmed that the current regional executive “ninguneó” to the councils to “not convene in seven years the Commission of Local Cooperation and has considered logical that Alfredo Garcia spoke of” progress “since the very meeting of this body constitutes” an advance “.


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