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Man, they say, is a “political animal” by nature. This fact is not disputed, but when the man applies ulterior motives and begins to play politics with the “future of the business” of all concerned stakeholders of society, he thinks short-sighted and foolishly (in the short term) that he outsmarts others; not knowing that ultimately he takes such selfish actions at his peril. At the same time, he is oblivious to the fact that he is locking himself into a very tight long-term corner, regardless of perceived treacherous opportunity or, supposedly, unfair advantage!

Selfishness, greed, nepotism and similar social vices do no good for man, especially in a corporate world. What is expected of the man in each scenario is to manifest the virtue of patriotism, to be selfless in the service of mankind and humanity, in nation building and development. It is really sad and very unfortunate, because it is expressed in these popular traditional words of the elders that “a community in conflict is always beneficial to the unscrupulous red caps” (“Ala adi nma bu uru ndi nze” as it is expressed in Igbo language). It’s the typical characterization of those politicians who feed on fat on troubled waters, a fact and a truism in real life. By virtue of citizenship in a democratic framework, we are all equal stakeholders in this enterprise of our moral person (the social welfare of all in the country); and each of us will testify that no one is holy either.

Election in Nigeria

This nation already has sixty-two years of independence but there is absolutely nothing to show for it. It relates to its global economic exploits and achievements, especially when the rich and abundant natural endowments and all its lost opportunities are considered, to its exact heights and where its economy should be among the community of nations. All we have kept and continue to observe is the power play between political actors or politically advantaged people, displaying ignorance at the gallery (instead of patriotic political savvy), at the full light of the whole nation and the world.

The games played mostly focus on acrimonious religious divides, ethnic discrimination, and fights. It is at the expense of the poor masses who innocently offered them the electoral mandate through a politically motivated social contract at the polls. We are all living witnesses to the state of the nation, economically! Amid ever-increasing inflation, the local currency exchange rate is in total shambles; and in light of a highly unstable and low productivity profile, affecting virtually all economic sectors that are currently underperforming, the nation still has a huge market that is irresistibly attractive for transnational corporations to access, at scale world.

With the nation currently ranked as the poverty capital of the world by world-renowned economic observers, as well as multinational and global financial organizations, this really calls for sober thinking at this point!

Now politicians are gearing up once again for another demonstration of the age-old string of unfulfilled political promises made to voters. This is done through their self-serving campaign manifestos and blatant display of monetary policy, with unnecessary counterproductive power play; now that the 2023 presidential election is in the spotlight. Can they, for God’s sake, within their respective political platforms (parties) sincerely and diligently conduct credible electoral processes within the parties (under the supervision of the arbiter, INEC) ? Can they ensure fairness to all nationalities and ethnic groups concerned, by allowing equitable participation, treating them freely without injustice but through resolutions decided by the parties (whether by consensus or by direct or indirect vote , and the much talked about zoning arrangement)? Can they ensure the selection of the most eligible aspirants who are capable and fit to fix the economy and put it on the right path and on the bedrock of the prosperity of the businesses of the country, for the protection of the general interest of our future generations?

This situation demands that all concerned, regardless of our past national history, and the many other past events in the country, should for ONCE in our political history, be unanimously zealously excited, to actively participate selflessly. To live patriotically above any political stripe or inclination, religious belief and abandon any form of ethnic rancor, and diligently and transparently choose the BEST that can save this sovereign state from obvious recession and impending collapse a failing economy. This, in the interest of our national life and our economic future, and for the generations to be born.

All stakeholders are urged to remain unaligned for this single historic goal of politically motivated economic transformation at this critical juncture in our national life. To possibly make it right this time around, righting the wrongs, including institutionalized corruption, of the past.

This proposal may seem silly and insane to some doubting Thomases, but it is an achievable and realistic political work plan if, every stakeholder sees reasons why the entire nation should turn around and join hands. , where every Tom, Dick and Harry, makes a realistic contribution to national growth and development. It has to cross party lines, for it to succeed.

A new political narrative for the whole nation must now be written with the opportunity presented by the presidential election of 2023, if the politicians are sincerely benevolent for the peace and progress of the country. That no actor in the company makes a political error, whether as a voter or a candidate, in particular on this social contract, the next presidential election of 2023.


Sunny Nwachukwu (Loyal Sigmite), PhD, a pure and applied chemist with an MBA in management, is an Onitsha-based industrialist, member of ICCON and Vice President, Finance, Onitsha Chamber of Commerce. He can be reached at +234 803 318 2105 (text only) or [email protected]

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