Skills will help secure Australia’s economic future


The government’s commitment to a digital skills passport is a crucial step towards a more modern skills system that ensures workers can take advantage of big economic changes, said Business Council chief executive Jennifer Westacott.

“The Business Council has long called for a skills passport system as it makes it easier for Australians to build their own qualifications and get the jobs they want.

“For the digital sector, this will help employers find the right workers with the right skills. We hope this is the starting point for a skills passport system for all Australians.

“It will be crucial to design this skills passport with maximum flexibility, ensuring that it is transferable between educational institutions, sectors of the economy and individual companies.

“We need to empower Australians to upskill and retrain throughout their lives, to meet the skills needs of our economy now and in the future.

“Skills Passports are also an important stepping stone to a Lifetime Skills Account which can help all Australians and their employers invest in lifelong learning throughout their careers.

“We welcome the convergence of views on both sides of politics that this challenge is essential to our recovery and that a reinvigorated VET and micro-accreditation system will be essential.

“With the right building blocks in place, we can make our country a powerhouse of skills and education in the 21st century.”


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