Speaker: Nebraska’s economic future “looks very bright” | Nebraska


(The Center Square) – Nebraska’s economy is expected to continue growing over the next three years, according to a forecast from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln and the Nebraska Business Forecast Council.

“Although inflation and the need to reduce it through interest rate increases create risks for the economy, the most likely path is continued economic growth,” Eric Thompson, director of the Bureau of Business Research at the university, said in a declaration announcing the findings.

The forecast calls for employment growth of 1.4% in 2022, followed by growth of 0.9% in 2023 and 0.8% in 2024.

Bryan Sloan, president of the Nebraska Chamber of Commerce, said he believed the predictions were correct.

“My feeling is that this is probably a pretty accurate description of what the expectations would be at this point,” he told T.e Place du Center. “We are emerging from the pandemic with one of the strongest economies in the country right now.”

Major industries in Nebraska, including agriculture and manufacturing, transportation and logistics, and banking and finance, are doing well, Sloan said. The state’s location in the center of the country is also helpful, he said.

“It looks very promising for us,” Sloan said. “There are just a few problems – attracting the people and the workforce and attracting the tech jobs that go with our core industries. If those two things happen, I think the rate of growth will actually be more important than expected. ”

Nebraska has managed the COVID-19 pandemic in a way that minimizes damage to businesses, Sloan said.

“We did not issue stay-at-home orders or determine which businesses were essential and non-essential,” he said. “This process has hurt a lot of states and they’ve lost a lot of jobs because of it. We have kept people in their jobs and businesses running. We have put in place occupational and public health standards. who tried to fight the pandemic. It clearly worked much better than states that didn’t. “


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