Supporting manufacturers to drive our economic future


Andrews’ Labor Government today released a major new policy statement aimed at boosting the manufacturing sector to boost economic growth and create the high-skilled jobs of the future.

Industry Support and Recovery Minister Ben Carroll launched the Made in Victoria 2030: manufacturing statement which outlines the Labor government’s ongoing plans for the state’s $31 billion manufacturing industry.

Victoria’s manufacturing industry has around 23,000 businesses, employs over 260,000 people and provides over 27% of Australia’s manufacturing output.

Major investments from world-renowned companies are creating secure jobs, building local capacity to connect to global supply chains and putting Victoria at the forefront of advanced manufacturing.

These include Moderna’s investment in mRNA vaccine manufacturing and research, Nissan Casting’s expansion into electric vehicle components, Hanwha’s delivery of multi-billion dollar defense projects. and the new George Weston Foods mill and production growth in the Victoria region.

The statement sets out a vision to ensure Victoria continues to be a place of growth for cutting-edge manufacturers, including in key sectors such as renewable and low-emission energy, healthcare technology, defense and manufacturing. space, digital and advanced technologies and food manufacturing.

Actions outlined in the statement include adopting new technologies, increasing industry engagement, strengthening local supply chains, developing the future workforce, creating and prosperous neighborhoods and boosting exports.

The Labor government has launched a series of initiatives to support state-of-the-art manufacturers, including the Revolutionary Victoria Fundthe Manufacturing and Development Fundthe Australian Medical Technology Manufacturing Center and the Low Carbon Manufacturing Grant Program.

Through the Revolutionary Victoria Fundthe government will invest $2 billion over 10 years to help businesses commercialize, drive innovation and create well-paying jobs in key sectors like agri-food, health and life sciences, the economy low-carbon and digital technologies.


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