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The post-Covid-19 world would be very different and the traditional economy will not be enough for growth and development. Fortunately in Trinidad and Tobago we have an economic model that best suits the Caribbean. This is what we experience at the time of Carnival.

There is a major setback to this model: it is not attractive to politicians.

At Carnival, travel agents, airlines, car rental companies, hotels, guest houses, party planners, caterers, costume designers, big boys, little men, masquerades, security companies and scavengers all benefit financially. Foreign currencies are boosted and there is a feeling of happiness permeating. One wonders why then the government does not invest heavily in the promotion and maintenance of the carnival celebrations?

At Carnival all the races and all the classes celebrate together and for a short time we all unite. Perhaps the only negative point that politicians do not attract is the fact that the carnival revenues go directly to the people and the government cannot manipulate the funds for their political purposes. This model, however, a model where people thrive with minimal government contribution, is the prescription of a healthier economy, a model that reduces dependence on the treasury.

Over the course of this year, I will detail the different investments that are possible in the Carnival model. The island of Chacachacare is ideal for such an investment. It is an island that was once self-sufficient with its independent water and electricity supply, secondary roads and playground. It has two piers with beautiful beaches, extremely calm waters, excellent fishing, a salt pond and is close to Venezuela and the mainland of Trinidad.

By simply renting the island from a major cruise line, this island can make a major positive contribution to our economy. There is hardly a cruise line that wouldn’t want a safe harbor, a private beach, clean calm waters, a place to refuel, and some degree of seclusion from it. to the general population.

Investment in hotels, bed and breakfasts, restaurants, shopping, entertainment, water sports and fishing can and will come from the private sector.

Investors who have invested nearly $ 1 billion in the world-class Five Islands water park may be invited to lead this initiative. Increased tourist activity would not only increase their activity, but with proper planning, the Gasparee Caves could also be leased to local operators to make the Chacachacare stopover extremely attractive for cruises.

Local artists, food vendors, artisan staff, and boat tour operators can all benefit from this one initiative.

The income for this initiative would come mainly from abroad, thus improving our shortage of foreign exchange. The Chaguaramas Golf Course, St Chads Church, Satellite Station and other sites in Chaguaramas can all help make this initiative extremely attractive and profitable.

Large investors, small and medium investors and workers would all benefit from this one initiative. From fruit vendors to service providers, many of our population would have a sustainable long-term income stream.

Trinidad and Tobago is outside of the main hurricane belt, near the Panama Canal, and is ideally suited to take advantage of the need to travel safely outside of the Covid-19 pandemic.

You just have to trust our business people to intervene and carry out the project. Just like they do with our carnival celebrations.

Steve alvarez

by email

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