these loans should be avoided.. ? You know why?

These loans should be avoided..!? You know why?

Many people think that they should not take loans. But at the end of the month, we will be forced to take out loans. This will be unavoidable in middle class families earning a monthly salary. However, experts say they can avoid taking certain loans. Why do they say to avoid only certain loans? What is the reason for that? We’ll see.
Payday loan:
It is impossible to avoid loans during the current period, but it is very important to avoid payday loans. Especially such loans are taken by small entrepreneurs, small shopkeepers and those who have shops in the daily market as individuals. You have to buy it in the morning and pay in the afternoon. The interest on these types of loans can be very high. So this should be avoided.
Car Title Loan:
A car title loan is typically a high-interest loan. You can give your vehicle and get it back in a month with interest first. Typically, the interest on such loans is high. The vehicle may be sold if payment is not made within the specified time.
Credit card advance:
To avoid using credit cards unnecessarily, some people take credit card advances. After that, interest can continue to accrue as interest. The interest rate is very high. If you don’t pay it on time, the penalty is very high.Casino Loan:
Such loans are very rare in India. However, such loans are loans to be avoided. Such loans are used to promote sports in foreign countries.
Pawn Shop Loan:
Many people can have this experience. We usually get such loans by pledging our jewelry. Failure to pay such debt on time may result in your property being auctioned. This includes restricted loans with a smaller amount for more expensive properties in rural areas.


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