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ROME: Italy will be the guest of honor at the 41st Sharjah International Book Fair, which will be held in the city of the United Arab Emirates in November next year.

Several Italian authors, artists and publishers will be among those involved in seminars, conferences and exhibitions to promote the arts, literature and culture of the European country at the fair.

The Sharjah Book Authority’s decision to bestow this honor on Italy was announced during a meeting between SBA Chairman Ahmed bin Rakkad Al-Ameri and the Italian Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates, Nicola Lener.

The envoy described his country’s participation in the book fair as a guest of honor as “an excellent opportunity to share our culture with the Arab world”, and underlined the strong presence of Italy at the recent 2021 edition of this prestigious event.

Lener said: “SIBF has become the largest book fair in the world this year after attracting the largest number of publishing professionals from around the world who have used the SIBF platform to pursue a variety of interests. commercial.

“We look forward to participating in SIBF every year and look forward to bringing Italian literature closer to the Arab audience and exploring ways to improve communication between Italian bookmakers and publishers and their counterparts in the Arab world. “

Al-Ameri said: “We are looking forward to welcoming some of the greatest Italian writers and artists to SIBF 2022. Through the selection of Italy as guest of honor, we seek to promote intercultural dialogue between the two countries.

“This is in line with the vision of Sheikh Sultan bin Muhammad Al-Qasimi, member of the Supreme Council (of the United Arab Emirates) and ruler of Sharjah, to build bridges of cultural understanding among the peoples of the world and to promote common values ​​to through knowledge, art and literature, ”he added.

He pointed out that the close cultural ties between the UAE and Italy date back to when the Silk Road linked East to West and played a key role in facilitating trade as well as trade. intellectual and cultural.

“At that time, the United Arab Emirates was a thriving trading center for Italian merchants. The selection of Italy as the guest of honor of SIBF 2022 reflects these deeply rooted bilateral ties and aims to honor Italy’s contributions to the promotion of knowledge and art.

“We seek to improve the exchange of knowledge and cooperation with Italy in various creative sectors and we look forward to presenting to the public the cultural heritage of Italy, including the art, literature and the beauty of the Italian language, ”Al-Ameri said.



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