William Ruto’s Bottom-Up Business Model Reflects Scammers’ Aspirations


In his quest to become Kenya’s next president on August 9, Vice President William Ruto has recruited the best minds who worked with the late former President Mwai Kibaki to plan and manage the economy.

William Ruto at a recent political rally in Mwiki, Nairobi. Photo: Guillaume Ruto.
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Ruto aims to emulate the leadership style of Kibaki, considered Kenya’s best economic race of all time.

In its effort to achieve what reflects the former president’s performance, the DP commissioned former Kibaki economists to draft the “Hustler Economic Strategy” to heal the ruins left by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The strategy that will go along with the bottom-up business model aims to work with small businesses, including farmer groups, artists, boda boda riders and vegetable vendors.

A rising economy encourages investment

Because the bottom-up economic scheme is anchored on an agenda that promotes investments and financial instruments that target millions of jobless people, rip-off companies and fishermen.

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Kibaki also used a bottom-up approach which was replaced by Kenyatta’s trickle-down model, raising raiders and cartels.

Ruto criticized Kenyatta and Raila Odinga’s model of aiding patronage and cronyism that fosters cartels and monopolies that benefit the few.

Members of the dynasties have used the current patterns to consolidate wealth while the rest of Kenyans languish in abject poverty.

Uhuru and Raila have misplaced priorities

UhuRao, for example, focused on pushing his personal agenda when the rest of Kenyans saw their businesses shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has ravaged businesses across the globe.

President Kenyatta and Raila, the presidential flag bearer of the Azimio La Umoja One Kenya coalition party, lobbied for politics and reggae Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) when many Kenyans lost their jobs and could not make faced with the high cost of living.

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Uhuru, Raila and Senator Baringo Gideon Moi advocated a retrograde policy to revise the constitution and create posts for themselves.

And as the dynasts deceived Kenyans with backward politics and plans to expand the executive against the law, their crooks were stealing funds meant to fight COVID-19.

The KEMSA scandal in the Uhuru administration

Kenya Medical Supplies Authority (KEMSA) directors colluded with senior Uhuru government officials, politicians and cartels to steal KSh2.3 billion ($21 million).

Kemsa’s theft was the worst news during the pandemic, but the government sidelined it to focus on BBI policy, showing how misplaced priorities are in the UhuRao administration.

Only Ruto mentioned ideas for reconfiguring the economy through the bottom-up model, which will bridge the growing gap between rich and poor.

But Raila, the former prime minister who doesn’t understand the concept, has vowed to stick to Uhuru’s bad policies, which have pushed the country’s public debt to the ceiling.

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The high cost of living in the middle of the high cost of living

Food prices and the general cost of living have risen under Uhuru’s tenure, and Raila’s presidency cannot be a solution but a continuation of the mess.

According to the polls of competent pollsters, Kenyan voters have the possibility of electing Ruto, who remains the man to beat.

Its bottom-up approach also addresses the bottom of the economy and will be the solution to the current woes as it will help over 15 million jobless Kenyans.

“I will work hard to implement all aspects of what I promise. The bottom-up economy will work and must work, I can assure Kenyans of that, and I will be responsible to them,” Ruto said.

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